Posts are essentially pages or blog posts or whatever you like. The content of the post/page is contained in markdown files within the /source/posts folder. The post markdown or contents is rendered using the post.hbs template file. You can edit this any which way your want. See templates for more information.

Posts have a meta data component at the top of the file which directs how the file is built. The meta data is yaml formatted and sits between two --- tags. Eg:

title: Caede virides oculos armentis
permalink: caede-virides-oculos-armentis
description: Caede virides oculos armentis
date: '2021-03-11 19:17:00'
template: post.hbs
ignore: true
hidden: false
  - alter
  - tradere

Required fields are: 'title', 'permalink', 'description' and 'date'

You can add any data values your like but the example layouts uses the title and description for SEO for page title.

New meta data values can be access in the layouts using {{meta.<new value>}}.

The permalink is required. Its used to build the URL for your website: Eg. The above will output a post at:

The visible and hidden are optional tags for controlling the visibility of posts. Defaults is "true" or visible.

  • visible: If set to false, the post will not be in the pagination and won't show on the index page.
  • hidden: If set to true, the post will not be in the sitemap and RSS feeds.

Template file

The default template file name for posts is post.hbs but this can be overwritten per post by adding a template meta value to your post. Eg:

template: template-name.hbs
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