You can start by grabbing everything in the /source directory of here.

The structure will look something like:

Folder structure

The /<source_dir> directory is the default directory for all the source files. You can change by adding another directory in the sourceDir of the config.js file.

File name Usage
index.hbs The root of your website. The first page which will be rendered.
post.hbs Will render the contents of the .markdown files in /<source_dir>/posts
page.hbs Displayed at /page/x for the pagination of posts
tag.hbs Displayed at /tag/x for the collection of posts by tag

Your posts go in the /<source_dir>/posts directory. You will have .markdown files for each post/page you want.

The content directory contains the files used for your website. Eg: Stylesheets, images, javascript files etc.

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